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Natoinal Special Offers

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Skin Diagnosis

Your skin has a set of characteristics that are unique to you. Some of these are noticeable on the surface, such as dryness or oiliness, but some can only be identified by a qualified Skin Therapist. A Skin Diagnosis will allow your Skin Therapist to develop your daily skincare routine, and carefully select a range of recommended products.

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Body Bronzing / Tanning

This professionally applied tan gives an impressive natural colour with a quick drying time, lasting up to 5-7 days.

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Body Massage

Let our qualified therapists take your aches and pains away and restore balance and vitality with a relaxing massage.

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Body Treatments

At Ella Bache our body treatments have been inspired by the ancient Chinese Four Elements philosophy of delivering a bodycare solution that addresses specific concerns. Experience individual treatments or combine them for ultimate results.

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Cosmetic Injectables

Dr. Crimston from Perpetua Cosmetic Injectables comes to us with over 16 years of experience in the health care industry and has undertaken comprehensive theoretical and practical training in the field of Cosmetic Injectables.

His techniques and clinical skills reflect the lastest knowledge in the field of Cosmetic Medicine

Dr Crismston consults in salon monthly and offers complimentary consultations to put your mind at ease.

*This is not an Ella Bache core treatment

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Express Essentials

Our skilled Therpist's can shape brows, tint lashes and brows.

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Express Facials

You should never be too busy to treat yourself! For great results in a limited time, an Ella Bache Express Facial is just what you need to feel special.

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Fiona Mills from Elite Laser Services visits the salon on a monthly basis and provides clients with a personalised and thorough serivce. Fiona has 10 years of extensive experience as a laser specialist, having studied laser science, and invests in the most advanced, state of the art machinery. Fiona offers IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Laser and Fraxel which are all TGA approved.

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Ultimate Signature Packages

Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with one of these luxurious Ella Bache packages. We've taken some of our most popular treatments and combined them into one glorious day spa experience to pamper the body, mind and soul.

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Manicures & Pedicures

Enjoy a relxing manicure or pedicure by one of our experienced Beauty Therapists

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Men's Treatment

All of our facial treatments are suitable for men, however, in addition for our extensive specialised facial treatments we have a facial treatment that is exclusively for men.

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This treatment helps with skin resurfacing. It is non-invasive and helps to stimulate collagen production, minimise pigmentation and improve overall skin tone and lustre. Microdermabrasion is a great add on to any Ella Bache facial to boost product penetration and results.

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This unique technology will allow your highly trained skin therapist to egently yet effectively exfoliate your skin to reveal a vibrant, healthy, more youthful complexion. During your treatment, this state of the art system will infuse your skin with concentrated serums designed to increase cellular health, cell renewal and maximise hydration.

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Facial Treatments

Relax and revive with an Ella Bache Facial.

All facial treatments are suitable for both women and men.

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Side Dishes

Would you like extra results? Add one or more of these treatments to you facial for increased benefits!

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Our waxing treatments are performed using the highest Ella Bache quality wax. In accordance with strict hygiene standards, we do not re-cycle our wax or double-dip our implements.


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